All our wood wonders are the result of our passion and love for this material.

We started our adventure in 2013 with wooden flies.
Today they are full sets with the possibility of personalization and engraving.
In 2019, we expanded the scope of the category with wooden jewelry that stole your hearts.

With each new order for these tiny wooden spells - we are filled with gratitude and create this magic straight from the depths of our heart.

Our products are created with respect for nature and handicrafts. We are craftsmen by calling, this is our whole life.
At work, we do not help self -shaving machines, such as lasers or CNC milling machines
- We do everything by hand, which translates into quality and accuracy. And thus, it is a real artistic craft, and nowadays it is rare.

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Thanks to the support and recognition we get from you, our small Polish handicraft brand is still developing and blooming, for which we thank you extremely!podziękowania za wsparcie polskiej marki rękodzielniczej