Necklace made of natural moonstones

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Beautiful choker necklace with a wooden heart and natural stones.

The choker has natural stones: many shades of green selenite alternating with natural shells, in the center there is a hand-cut, polished and oiled heart made of wenge wood. The accessories in the necklace are made of 24K gold-plated sterling silver.

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160,00 zł

Natural stones have extraordinary properties. Selenite, or moonstone, is a stone of sincerity of feelings and kindness of the heart. It gives a sense of security and certainty of its place in the universe around us. This mineral has a direct effect on the emotional body. It soothes our nervous system, calms down and calms down. He can awaken spiritual intuition and activate sensitivity.

Necklace length: 40 cm

Materials: green selenite, natural cut shell, wenge wood, gold-plated silver 925


DELIVERY TIME: The order fulfillment time is from 2 to 5 business days. It is possible that the order will be processed earlier. If you want to receive the package faster or on a specific date, let us know in the message for the order.

Orders are carefully packed and shipped as quickly as possible
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How to care for our wooden jewelry?
In contact with skin, moisture and air, wood can become darker, shinier and harder over time! The wood is best cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. If you want to refresh it and give it a new glow, rub the wooden element with, for example, linseed oil. Regular refreshment will allow you to enjoy your jewelry for longer.

To keep the natural stones and gold-plated elements shine with their shine as long as possible, avoid contact with creams, perfumes and detergents, and when you are not wearing the necklace - store it in the MARACHIC box. The necklace should be removed for bathing.


Remember! Wood is a natural raw material and the product you order may slightly differ in grain, shade, etc. So you can count on a unique and one-of-a-kind product. There will be no other like this;) The elements are made with extreme precision, but there may be minimal differences in the dimensions given.


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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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