LITTLE TIE bracelet

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Handmade bracelet LITTLE TIE. Each wooden element is cut and sanded by hand, then polished and protected with oil-wax.

If you love effective and hand-made jewelry, the LITTLE TIE bracelet is made just for you.


❤︎ This jewelry is 100% handmade. I do everything by hand with extraordinary precision, love and attention to every detail.

❤︎ If you are buying as a gift, let me know in the message to your order and I will pack your order exceptionally - if you want, add a note with a dedication (write the text of the dedication when placing the order)

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170,00 zł


Bracelet Length:
- 15 cm (wrist width 14 cm)
- 16 cm (wrist width 15 cm)
- 17 cm (wrist width 16 cm)
- 18 cm (wrist width 17 cm)
- 19 cm (wrist width 18 cm)
- other - size to order (please provide the length of the bracelet in the comment to the order).

Each bracelet is unique due to the unique grain of each piece of wood. There is no other bracelet the same.


Remember! Wood is a natural raw material and the product you order may slightly differ in grain, shade, etc. Therefore, you can count on a unique and one-of-a-kind product. There won't be another one like this ;)
The elements are made with extreme precision, but there may be slight differences in the given dimensions.


In contact with skin, moisture and air, wood can become darker, shinier and harder over time!
It is best to clean wood with a slightly damp cloth. If you want to refresh it and give it a new shine, wipe the wooden element with natural oil, e.g. linseed oil or even olive oil. Finally, it is worth polishing the wood with felt or cotton cloth.
Regular refreshing will allow you to enjoy your jewelry longer.


The order processing time until shipment is from 1 to 5 business days. It is possible that the order will be processed the next day. If you would like to receive your shipment faster or on a specific date, please let us know in the message to your order.

Orders are carefully packed and shipped as quickly as possible (depending on the store's order processing time).

For deliveries to countries outside the EU, additional customs duties and import taxes may be charged on top of the purchase price. I am not responsible for customs duties, taxes and related fees.


If you still have any questions or doubts, please contact me

or call +48 509 033 737


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Thank you for visiting my store! I hope that something charmed you and that my handmade jewelry will be part of your collection.

Marta ❤︎

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